Blue Dot Grouper Checks

Blue Dot Grouper Checks

The blue dot grouper (cephalopholis argus), also referred to as a blue spot grouper, blue spotted grouper, argus grouper, peacock grouper or peacock hind, is naturally found living near coral reefs throughout the Indo-pacific area. While some aquarists find them to be easy keepers, it is a fish that requires a very large aquarium tank (100 gallons or more) and room to grow and hunt. It is also important to note they’re fairly aggressive and will eat, or attempt to eat, anything it can fit in its mouth.

This check series features four original underwater photos of these beautiful tropical fish with their blue dots:

blue dot grouper checks

h2>Matching Blue Dot Grouper Checkbook Cover

Blue Dot Grouper Checkbook Cover

Matching Blue Dot Grouper Labels

Blue Dot Grouper Address Labels