Challis & Roos Awesome Owl Checks

Challis & Roos Awesome Owls Personal Checks

Check out these charming owls, artwork from Ian Challis and David Roos in Seattle. Challis & Roos™, well-known in the home decor world, have been producing unique, highly-recognizable, geometric, colorful, and whimsical artwork for over 20 years. This whimsical check design features owls perched on graceful branches while brightly colored leaves and vividly patterned borders give each of the four Challis & Roos™ designs a distinctively graphic look.

WHO knew writing checks could be so much fun?

Matching Challis & Roos™ Address Labels & Checkbook Cover

Challis & Roos Awesome Owls Return Address Label
Challis & Roos Awesome Owls address labels. Four wonderfully colorful woodland art scenes, each featuring quizzical owls by acclaimed artists Ian Challis & David Roos. You’ll love the distinctively graphic branches and leaves, not to mention the vividly patterned borders. But it’s those owls with their big-eyed expressions that are sure to get everyone’s attention. And that’s a good thing for any labeling project! Plus, since these Challis & Roos design address labels are conveniently self-sticking, you’ll find they’re perfect for hundreds of jobs.

Challis & Roos Awesome Owls Checkbook Cover
The delightful Challis & Roos Awesome Owls checkbook cover is custom designed to match the awesome owl checks above. Featuring warm shades of chocolate brown with bright orange leaves, it’s the perfect showcase for acclaimed artists Ian Challis and David Roos’ distinctive graphic designs. You’ll love the charming woodland art scene and whimsically quizzical owl – who wouldn’t? Genuine, full-grain leather checkbook cover features premium nylon thread stitching and fabric lining. The inside features a clear plastic check divider (for duplicates), a slip-in personal check pocket, and a 2nd pocket to hold receipts (or store some cash).

Love the artwork? Check out Courtesy of the Artist, Ian and David’s blog.