Cockatoo Checks

Cockatoos Personal Checks

The Cockatoo, or Baretta bird for those of old enough to recall the television series, might not be as colorful as their parrot kin, with the lack in color they make up for in their showy crest and snowy white plumage (often tinged with orange, yellow, or green).

These four check design images feature the lively and affectionate cockatoo as they perch on a limb and gaze out at the world around them. If you don’t own a cockatoo but would like to (without the forty plus year commitment involved), these bird checks are the perfect fit for you:

Matching Cockatoo Address Labels

Cockatoos Address LabelsShare the awesome cockatoo photos by using these address labels. With snowy white plumage and the distinctive crest, they’re a striking reminder of the wonder and beauty of nature. Labels feature the same four designs as the checks.