David Dunleavy Sea Turtles Checks

Turtles Personal Checks by David Dunleavy

David Dunleavy’s inspirational style graces this unique check series featuring four different sea turtle illustrations. Join the artist and his passion for undersea preservation with these unique sea turtle checks! They’re sure to make a statement every time you use them.

Dunleavy Sea Turtles Check Series

Matching Address Labels

Turtles Address Labels by David Dunleavy
The same David Dunleavy sea turtle designs make these unique, self-adhesive address labels an excellent addition to the check series.

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David Dunleavy is a scuba diver, a videographer, an angler and an American Artist with a passion for marine life. He’s well known for his Sea Life Murals that span along the Eastern Seaboard, the Bahamas Islands, and on the continent of Australia. His goal is to paint murals of whales, dolphins, fish, and other threatened and endangered ocean species around the globe in strategic locations to raise awareness, inspire people to come together to take action, and become part of the solution to face the challenges of protecting the earth and its oceans. Learn more at DunleavyArt.com.