Garfield Attitude Checks

Garfield Attitude

The lovable, tabby cat has given us attitude since 1978. Add a little attitude to your life with these personal checks featuring four different Garfield scenes from Jim Davis, the creator of the fabulous feline.

Garfield attitude checks

“What about my needs?” – “Way beyond help”
“Just pretend I’m listening” – “Let’s not and say we did”

Matching Garfield Attitude Address Labels

Garfield Attitude Address LabelsSince 1978, Garfield has had his unique perspective on life – with attitude. Who could resist all his lazy yet crazy adventures. The address labels feature the same four designs as the checks.

Garfield Attitude Checkbook Cover

Garfield Attitude Leather CoverThis green leather checkbook cover features Garfield, in a straight jacket, atop a black wave with the Garfield logo on the bottom left. A perfect accessory for the Garfield checks above, this funny and eye-catching checkbook cover is sure to cause a chuckle. “Way Beyond Help” but sure to make you chuckle.