Krazy Kitty Checks

Krazy Kitty Checks

Super crazy cat heads in black and white all sporting glasses with colorfully bold backgrounds (yellow, blue, orange and purple) featuring fun patterns in white. Krazy Kitty! This cat check series is a work of art.

This check series is an update from the old psychedelic artwork with the funky felines in fashionable sunglasses. We think the cats are definitely cooler than before with the way the checks are created, especially with the sunglass reflections in the last two images.

Krazy Kitty Checkbook Cover & Address Labels

The checkbook cover features the old design (though it’s pretty cute, it doesn’t actually match the check anymore). The address labels, however, have been updated to match the checks.

Krazy Kitty Checkbook Cover Krazy Kitty Address Labels

As a reminder, here’s the old krazy kitty check design: