Pets in Costume Checks

Pets in Costume Checks

Wait, what?! These look like all cats in costumes! There’s a single dog in here, too.

We’ve all done it, dressed our pets up for one occasion or another. Cute cats and a darling dog superimposed in funny costumes and scenes make these personal checks tons of fun. The featured comedic creatures include a light saber Jedi cat, a cat-rabbit, a green-eyed swami feline, and a truck-driving cowboy hound with his tongue hanging down and his ears flapping in the wind.

Cats and dog in costume check series

Matching Checkbook Cover & Address Labels

The matching checkbook cover features the light saber cat. The matching address labels feature the 3 cats in costume designs along with the single cowboy hound design as well.

Pets in Costume Checkbook Cover Pets in Costume Address Labels