Rachael Hale Bunnies Checks

rachaelhale Bunnies Checks

This check series features 6 designs which is a real plus when it comes the cutest bunnies in the world. In fact, no one is better at capturing adorable animals than photographer Rachael Hale. Sweet, fluffy, downright adorable bunnies against pretty pastel backgrounds are featured in each of the photographs in the checks. The super cute purple paint can with tiny bunnies photograph is used for the checkbook cover. Great choice, though we also adore the other two photographs that feature two cuddling bunnies.

6 checks designs featuring photographs of bunnies taken by Rachael Hale
© Rachael Hale

Matching Rachael Hale Bunnies Checkbook Cover

rachaelhale Bunnies Leather Cover

The bunnies on this checkbook cover are too cute! The address labels feature all 6 of the Rachael Hale bunny designs in the check series.

Matching Address Labels

rachaelhale Bunnies Address Labels

In 1995, Rachael Hale combined her passion for photography and her love of animals and we have all benefited from her stunning animal portraiture portfolio of photos ever since. Today the brand is a global leader in animal imagery, capturing the essence and personality of the animals right through the lens. Learn more at RachaelHale.com and Instagram/Rachael.Hale. You can also Shop Rachael Hale merch on Amazon!