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Basset Hound Checks

Basset hounds are best known for their long ears, short legs, and soulful eyes. These happy-go-lucky, low-to-the-ground hounds might look slow and lazy but as Basset owners know, they are wonderful canine companions who actually enjoy rambling walks and trailing scents.

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Matching address labels, too

Basset Hound Address Labels
Affectionate and sweet these Basset Hound Sheet Labels capture the adorable nature of the Basset Hound. The colorful photos of these dogs feature the droopy eyes and floppy ears of the beloved Basset Hounds. These address labels will brighten any envelope or personal correspondence. Personalized labels are perfect for: School/Office Supplies Correspondence Gift Tags Party Favors Bookplates/Home Library CD/DVD/Blue-ray Kid items Appointment Stickers and More!
Label Specifications: 36 labels per sheet; 4 sheets per set; Size 2.5 x 0.75