Dog Checks

From specific dog breeds to mixed packs, these dog checks are sure to make you crack a smile every time you open up your checkbook. No matter where you are, you can now take your best friend with you, on your personal checks. Some of the dog checks also have matching checkbook covers and address labels, too.

Westie Princess Checks

Featuring adorable artwork from Kim Niles this check series features four little […]

Westie Checks

Cute westie artwork from PUP artist Kim Niles adorns these checks with […]

Floral Westie Checks

This check series includes four designs from contemporary PUP Artist Kim Niles! […]

personal check featuring a poodle dog headshot

Poodle Checks

This single-check series pays homage to the people-pleasing, intelligent, unmistakable-looking Poodle! They […]

puppy love personal checks

Puppy Love Checks

Who can resist lovable puppies?! This check series features four super cute, […]

posh puppies checks

Posh Puppies Checks

Sweet and whimsical, these colorful design captures the relationship between a girl […]

Good Dog Check Series

Good Dog Checks

This check series features four different Connie Haley dog lover designs featuring […]

Black Lab Checks

Black Lab Checks

The Labrador Retriever is both loyal and loving, a family favorite and […]

Boxer Pup Checks

Boxer Pup Checks

Who doesn’t love a boxer puppy? This cute check design features Kim […]

Dachshund Checks

Dachshund Checks

Dachshund lovers adore their doxies and the brown-eyed beauty featured in this […]

Doggone Cute Checks

Doggone Cute Checks

These checks are, well, doggone cute! Featuring a variety of adorable breeds […]

Playful Pups Checks

Playful Pups Checks

If your dog is your best friend, these checks featuring friendly duos […]

four designs featured in rachael hale dog-ology checks

Dog-ology Checks

First note, these are side tear checks (which are pretty awesome if […]

dog days checks

Dog Days Checks

These checks were so cute – featuring over twenty different dog breeds […]

airedale terrier dog personal checks

Airedale Checks

These adorable personal checks feature Airedale terriers, the largest of all the […]

Wolf Checks

Wolves Checks

Legendary and iconic wild animals, wolves are survivors. Living and hunting in […]

Puppy Pals Checks

Puppy Pals Checks

What’s cuter than a puppy? Two puppies! This check series features four […]