Boxer Pup Checks

Boxer Pup Checks

Who doesn’t love a boxer puppy? This cute check design features Kim Crisler photos of the sweetest little brindle boxer on backgrounds that fade from white to brown. Adorable and intelligent, the Boxer is one of the most popular breeds in the U.S. With a square muzzle and powerful body, they are high-spirited, playful, and affectionate beyond compare. Plus, they have the sweetest, most attentive eyes. And Kim’s photography is beyond compare cute.

Boxer pup personal check series

Matching Boxer Pup Checkbook Cover & Address Labels

Sweet little boxer puppy checkbook cover features the same artwork as the first check in the series. Oh my gosh, those eyes! They are the epitome of puppy dog eyes. The address labels include all four boxer puppy designs from the check series.

Boxer Pup Checkbook Cover Boxer Pup Address Labels

If you’re a dog lover, you’ve likely seen Kim Crisler’s work before… perhaps her popular ‘Pups in Bloom’ calendar. To learn more about Kim Crisler and her canine muses, visit