Chihuahua Checks

Chihuahua Checks

VIVA Chihuahua! Que Pasa? The saucy expression and colorful history is center stage on this check series honoring the tiniest of toy breeds, the chihuahua. Named for the state of Chihuahua in Mexico, this breed is easily one of the most popular of the toy-sized dogs, possibly due to their intense devotion to a single person. Check out the fun-loving, festive illustrations featuring these favorite little pups:

chihuahua check series

Matching Chihuahua Checkbook Cover

Colorful doesn’t quite describe just how vibrant the checkbook cover is for this check series.
Chihuahua Checkbook Cover

Matching Chihuahua Address Labels

The same four colorful chihuahua check designs are featured on the labels, too.
Chihuahua Address Labels