Dog-ology Checks

rachaelhale Dog-ology Side-Tear Checks

First note, these are side tear checks (which are pretty awesome if you’ve never tried them). They are bound on the left-hand side and are easier to rip off (for anyone who’s ever had trouble tearing a check off the top).

The photos on this dog check series are so cute, just what you’d expect from Rachael Hale photography. Sure to please any dog lover, the four designs capture man’s best friend at their best. There’s a Basset Hound (Bruiser), two Yellow Labs (Maggie and Caesar), two Yorkies (Junior and Bobo), along with a couple of Hungarian Pulies (Harley and Felicity).

four designs featured in rachael hale dog-ology checks
© Rachael Hale

Matching Dog-ology Address Labels

rachaelhale Dog-ology Address Labels

In 1995, Rachael Hale combined her passion for photography and her love of animals and we have all benefited from her stunning animal portraiture portfolio of photos ever since. Today the brand is a global leader in animal imagery, capturing the essence and personality of the animals right through the lens. Learn more at and Instagram/Rachael.Hale. You can also Shop Rachael Hale merch on Amazon!