Yorkie Dog Checks

Yorkie Personal Checks

Honor the joyful, loving spirit of your Yorkshire Terrier in a tribute that any Yorkie dog lover would be proud to own. with these adorable dog checks available in two convenient forms (side-tear or top-tear). Yorkshire Terriers, with their distinctive silky coats, button noses and perky personality, are the pint-sized picture of perfection.

yorkie dog checks

Acclaimed artist and friend to animals, Pollyanna Pickering, captures the Yorkie’s boundless energy, soulful devotion and loving nature with remarkable sensitivity in four champion Yorkshire Terrier dog check portraits fit for the hero of your heart. The artwork is so true-to-life, you’ll want to give each one a belly rub! Carry your best friend with you as an artistic reminder of the enduring impression that your beautiful Yorkshire Terrier dog has on your life – order your Yorkie personal dog check designs now!